Privacy Policy

WINGS CUSTOM is deeply committed to your safety and privacy. As such, we adhere to the most stringent standards to ensure that no virtual data is accessed by third parties without our explicit authorization and supervision.

We are WINGS CUSTOM COMERCIO DE PEÇAS CUSTOMIZADAS EIRELI – ME, registered under CNPJ 97.547.251/0001-22, headquartered in the city of Blumenau/SC. We hold partial responsibility for the management of your information, as well as for safeguarding your provided personal data.

In this Privacy Policy, we will elucidate to our visitors and users all the ways and means through which we safeguard and handle the data collected on our platform.

We take the protection of collected and stored personal data extremely seriously, and in this document, we will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of how and why we carry out this data collection. Additionally, we will outline the procedures for requesting the removal, alteration, or deletion of your data from our servers.

Should you have any questions of any kind, please feel free to contact our team directly via the contact tab.



Our website may collect some of your personal data for various purposes. To gather this data, we utilize the following technologies:

• Website: Within our website, you may fill out forms, submit comments and inquiries, get in touch with our team, or register on our platform, and your data will be saved for future assistance.

• Messages and Communications: When you communicate with our team, whether through WhatsApp, SMS, email, or any other chat platforms, certain data may be stored for future reference and to facilitate communication with our clients and users.

• Offline Mode: Some data may be collected offline, for instance, at events and organizations, where we may gather your email or other data to maintain communication and provide necessary information you need to be aware of.

• Third-Party Data: At times, third parties may send certain data about you to our company, such as information received from social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other social networks), government entities, or payment intermediaries.



It is important that you, our user or visitor, understand how and which personal data we collect and utilize when you visit our website. We emphasize that we always strive to collect the minimum amount of data necessary for your utmost security. However, certain data is essential for us to deliver the best possible service and ensure the proper functioning of the site, as described below:

• Marketing: When you fill out forms and register on the website, you may receive emails containing promotions and updates from the site. We may collect your name, email, and phone number for this purpose.

• Website Navigation: As you browse our website, we automatically collect data such as your IP address, browser type, accessed pages, time spent on each page, and other related information.

• Contact Information: When you get in touch with us via email, phone, or chat, we collect your contact information, including your name, email address, phone number, and the message you sent us.

• Service Usage Information: When you use our services, we collect data about your activities, such as the searches you conduct, the videos you watch, the pages you visit, and the purchases you make. Additionally, when you share photos, comments, suggestions, questions, answers, information, texts, files, graphics, videos, or other materials with us, we collect the information you provide.

• Location Information: When you use our services, we gather precise location data to fulfill the services you requested. For instance, if you request a delivery service, we collect your address to ensure the delivery goes to the correct location.



We use cookies on our website and applications to enhance your browsing experience. A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site.

Cookies allow us to recognize your browser and provide you with the best possible experience while navigating our website. Additionally, cookies help us understand which sections of the site are most interesting to you and what content may be recommended for you. Websites such as Google, Bing, and others also use cookies, and when visiting each one, you should review their respective policies.

You have the option to block cookies in your browser or clear your cache at any time to remove them. It is important to note that we strive to minimize the use of non-essential cookies, but we employ necessary cookies to deliver a better service, in accordance with the legitimate interest provision of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law). You can deactivate cookies at any time through your browser settings.



Service Providers: We share your personal data with our service providers who offer marketing, data analysis, payment processing, email delivery, and other services on our behalf. These service providers can only use your personal data to perform these services for us and as per our instructions.

Advertisers and Business Partners: We may also share your personal data with companies involved in advertising or business partnerships. However, we only share your personal data as per your instructions.

Online Communities: When you join one of our online communities, your personal data may be visible to other members of that community.

Investors: We may share your personal data with our investors. However, we only share your personal data as per your instructions.

Affiliates and Subsidiaries: We may share your personal data with our affiliates and subsidiaries. However, we only share your personal data as per your instructions.

Government Authorities and Other Parties: At times, we may be legally obliged to release or disclose your data to government authorities or other parties as required by law. This may happen for reasons such as:

(i) Compliance with a legal obligation;

(ii) Protection of the rights, property, or safety of the Website;

(iii) Prevention of real or potential harm to goods or the safety of individuals;

(iv) Otherwise, as permitted by law.



The purpose of this text is to inform our readers and visitors about their rights regarding personal data.

According to the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), every individual has the right to information, transparency, freedom, and autonomy in decision-making.

Regarding personal data, individuals have the right to access, correct, delete, transfer, limit processing, and object to its use.

Individuals also have the right to deny, at any time, the use of their personal data for marketing purposes and to opt out of receiving commercial communications.

To exercise these rights, simply get in touch with our team.

We want to emphasize that personal data is treated with confidentiality, and we take all necessary security measures to ensure data protection.



Security is one of the fundamental pillars of our privacy policy.

All personal data you provide to the website will be treated with complete confidentiality and security, in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

To ensure the protection of your personal data, the website employs various security measures, including:

• SSL Encryption (Secure Socket Layer)

• Firewalls

• Intrusion Detection Systems

• Constant Network Monitoring

• Use of Strong Passwords

• Periodic Security System Audits

All personal information is stored on secure servers, protected against unauthorized access, utilizing the most modern and advanced security systems.

Our security team is constantly monitoring systems and updating protection measures to ensure that your data remains secure at all times.



We understand that you may occasionally wish to modify, remove, or alter your personal data.

If you wish to make any changes, removals, or alterations, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, please bear in mind that in some cases, it may not be possible to fulfill your request, especially if it is necessary to comply with our legal or contractual obligations.

Additionally, please remember that if you request the removal of your personal data from our database, it may affect your use of our website and services. If you are unable to make any changes or modifications or if you wish to delete your personal data, please get in touch with us so that we can discuss alternative options by clicking on the contact tab.