11 years of Harley-Davidson Handlebars, Ape Hangers and Sissy Bars

11 years of Harley-Davidson Handlebars, Ape Hangers and Sissy Bars

Wings Custom Team on 6th Jul 2022

In July, Wings Custom completed 11 years of history and a journey through the market for Harley-Davidson motorcycle accessories, becoming a leader in the segment. It was a path with many challenges, but also with many achievements, and, today, as a result, his work is recognized worldwide by the most demanding audiences.

The start of the business

It all started in 2011, with CEO Cícero L. Chaves and his desire to undertake the motorcycle accessories segment. After some research, he saw a latent opportunity in the custom motorcycle market. The idea was to develop products manufactured as in the past, made to last a long time and accompany each rider in their best moments. That's how the first Custom Harley-Davidson HandlebarsHarley Ape Hanger BarsDiablo BarsHarley-Davidson Sissy Bar, Advanced Command, Tips, and many more accessories are made with the best raw material and finish. Results did not take long to appear and orders soon began to increase exponentially.

First Factroy Wings Custom

First Factory Wings Custom

When the  Harley-Davidson accessory factory started, the structure was very modest, everything was done in a small room measuring 20 m² and there were no employees. All processes were carried out by the creator of the company, who with a lot of work and obstinacy, made the idea thrive and as a result, the expansion did not take long to happen.

With demand and production increasing, the structure needed to increase to a larger warehouse. At that time, a team of collaborators had already grown along with the business. Everything to continue guaranteeing the same quality and care with the manufacture of each piece that was produced.

Construction of the first warehouse

Wings Custom Factory Warehouse

Wings Custom DNA

Since its creation,  Wings Custom has in its DNA the development of products that generate full customer satisfaction, that is, the delivery of an accessory compatible with each motorcycle model of the Harley-Davidson line, not only on the technical side but also for the final aesthetic. In addition, Wings' concern with humanized service has always been inherent, which understands the needs of each pilot and supports them in choosing the best product. This will make you get the most out of your motorcycle trips and tours.

Harley-Davidsons Accessories Online Store

Over the years, the demand for e-commerce also grew, showing a new consumer buying behavior in the motorcycle customization market. So, to make Wings Custom accessories available to customers everywhere, the brand launched its first online  Harley-Davidson accessories store. From then on, those passionate about their motorcycles, from all regions who wanted to have a quality Custom Handlebar or Sissy Bar, were able to buy their Wings accessory via the internet with all the convenience and support of specialists.

Harley-Davidson Physical Handlebars Store

In recent years, given the increase in the number of custom motorcyclists, a physical Wings store was also opened, specializing in accessories for custom motorcycles in the factory region, in Blumenau SC. The store moved the region's custom scene a lot, also becoming a meeting point and fraternization for motorcyclists and their stylish Harleys.

Physical store Wings Custom

Internacional Acknowledgment

The consolidation of the brand was already a reality and recognized as the largest national manufacturer of  accessories for custom motorcycles. This is because, throughout its trajectory, Wings has always offered the market differentiated products with premium quality, having as a reference the largest international manufacturers.

The achievement of that reputation was on a solid foundation. It owes a lot to the precepts of high quality and product safety. For this, Wings constantly invests in the technical and engineering team, with extremely rigorous manufacturing processes. It was this team of specialists that carefully developed the exclusive technology to manufacture Rhino Handlebars. This is the line of handlebars for Harley-Davidson with 2” inches in diameter, which are successful in the custom market. This technology, which Wings developed and have a patent registered, guarantees the origin of a product that has been rigorously tested.

Rhino Handlebar fot Harley-Davidson

New Products

The innovation doesn't stop, in addition to the Rhino Handlebars, Wings Custom developed a different  exhaust project, which compiles in a single project the best features of models from the world's largest manufacturers. The Super Sport Wings El Camino Exhaust was developed in partnership with Fábio “El Camino”, one of the greatest specialists in performance for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Brazil. The project is a sales success and gained prominence in Drag Race races, putting on the podium several riders who equipped their bikes with this exhaust.

Harley-Davidson Exhaust Super Sport Wings El Camino

Harley-Davidson Exhaust Super Sport Wings El Camino

This entire journey has generated a reputation for excellent products for the brand, that was not restricted only locally. Clients from other countries, such as the demanding Japanese public, began to value this work internationally. The Riders from Australia, the Middle East, and Europe also noticed the differentials in the Harley-Davidson accessories. But it is gratifying to see that riders in the United States, the birthplace of Harley-Davidson and custom culture, are increasingly honoring Wings Custom products, which are becoming popular in America and Canada.

This journey has no end and many new features are to come that the brand is preparing for the next few years for all our customers around the world.