Gumps Drag Race: A Reunion of Harleys and high perform accessories on the race track.

Gumps Drag Race: A Reunion of Harleys and high perform accessories on the race track.

Wings Custom on 30th May 2022

Recently, on the 22 and 23 of April, Tremenbé - SP received one of the most waited on events by the HD motorcycles fanatics: the Gumps Drag Race. This event has a drag race between Brazil's fastest and more powerful motorcycles as its main attraction. For the ones that are not familiar with this format, the competition happens in a drag strip with 201 meters or 219 yards approximately, all prepared with a coating of a special product designed to give better adherence during the sprint. This way it’s possible to use the maximum motorcycle torque force. On the drag strip run side to side two motorcycles each turn, in each round the pilots try to have their best time, and the fastest in each category wins! The competitors were separated into seven categories, they are: 

Well-prepared motorcycles participated, their motors were tuned and they had great quality and high-performance accessories like: exhaust, nitro, and turbo. Besides that, there were also present motorcycles with non-altered engines and riders motivated solely by the simple fun of getting their best possible time on the track.

Gumps Drag Race Harley-Davidson Performance

Harley-Davidson Softail Slim Exhaust Performance

Harley-Davidson - Low Rider S Performance Exhaust - Race

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy - Performance Race - Wings Custom

When we talk about performance-focused accessories for Custom motorcycles we cannot forget one in special, that outshined all others. It’s the performance exhaust system Super Sport Wings El Camino, that equipped 6 of the podium motorcycles, we have to give a major highlight to our partner Fábio (El Camino) Balestieri motorcycle that gotthe first place in the Softail category and also in the Free Force category, consecrating himself as the main winner and trophy taker of the Drag Race. Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that the advantage the SuperSport exhaust represented was vital for this amazing result. This advantage was verified in a test lab, after the many El Camino dynamometer test batteries. The gains in Potency and Torque presented on the dynamometer’s graphics justify with certainty the results obtained in the race.

The development of this exhaust system is the result of a partnership between the Wings Custom engineering team and the El Camino Garage, a garage that is a national reference when it comes to Harley performance, chiefed by Fábio Balestieri who is one of the main specialists on the field. Adding the specific knowledge and supervision from El Camino, Wings was able to compile in just one project the best features of the most desired exhaust systems of the world. Today we have available in the national market an extraordinary product, that gives a performance result without comparison in Brazil, and incomparable even when it comes to the best exhaust systems of the world.

Wings Custom also used the event, Gumps Drag Race to launch the Wings Super Sport El Camino TM8. This is the new version of the already famous performance exhaust, now exclusive for the Touring Harley Davidson M8 line. Now we also have a model that’s compatible with motorcycles such as Road Glide, Street Glide, Ultra Glide e Road King. This was a much-awaited product that now joins the Wings Custom high-performance exhaust family. 

The High-performance Harley-Davidsons are in high demand, and the Harley fanbase has been in love with the potent models more and more, so we’re sure that we’ll see more events like the Gumps Drag Race in all of Brazil and with machines more potent and faster each time, giving a show for those who enjoy watching a good duel on the racetrack.