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Sissy Bar King/Passenger Backrest 30" Detachable Luggage Rack for Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy - Black

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Product Description

Compatible with Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy 2006 to 2024

The trip is always better in good company. Your companion needs comfort and security to be with you when traveling. And if you travel alone you can also use it to secure your luggage and lean back, even serving as a “pilot's back”. Detachable Sissy Bar King allows you to easily insert and remove it whenever you want without using tools. In addition to all this, its design follows the original lines of the bike, incorporating the classic custom style.

The back cushion is developed in synthetic leather with good water resistance, the foam has a high density ensuring comfort and durability for much longer.


The TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process is employed, widely used in the aerospace industry due to its significant advantages. One of the main benefits of the TIG process is its ability to provide high strength in welded joints. Additionally, the TIG process is known for delivering excellent finishing quality. The resulting weld is clean, uniform, and aesthetically pleasing. The TIG process ensures safety in severe usage conditions and allows greater precision and control in the process.

Paint Finish

During the painting process, we carry out detailed pre-treatment to remove impurities, ensuring optimal adhesion. We use polyester electrostatic paint technology from the Politherm 26 family, providing excellent adhesion, flexibility, and high physical and chemical resistance. This paint is weather resistant, preventing yellowing over time, ensuring a durable finish on the handlebars. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the process is more sustainable, as it does not use volatile chemical solvents, minimizing negative environmental impacts in the painting process.


  • Height: 30”
  • Diameter of the bar: Ø 0.75"
  • Luggage Rack Length: 210 mm
  • Finish: Black

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Comes with Docking kit, screws for installation and installation manual.
This Kit, once attached, will allow the Sissy Bar to be placed and removed easily without the need for tools.

*Please note: It is extremely important to note that the maximum weight allowed for use on the luggage rack is only 22 lbs. Any load exceeding this value may result in serious damage to the product.

Our consultants are available via chat to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us.

Other Details

Sissy Bar Model:
Sissy Bar Size:
30 inches
With Luggage Rack:
Bike Model:
Softail Fat Boy